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With a solid reputation and a high percentage of repeat business, CDR Maguire takes pride in its environmental planning and monitoring services.

CDR Maguire’s Environmental Department provides a full range of planning, field surveys, alternatives analyses, mitigation design, and construction monitoring services to PennDOT and other state agencies, local governments, and various private clients.


Environmental Planning

CDR Maguire is involved in all aspects of environmental planning, working on hazardous and residual waste studies, surveys for endangered and threatened species, and wetland and stream studies.


We are experts at preparing evaluations and permits to ensure the most efficient ways to develop projects.

Environmental Monitoring

CDR Maguire’s services range from assisting clients remediate hazardous and residual waste materials, to the avoidance and minimization of wetland impacts, and construction inspection of erosion and sedimentation pollution control measures. Through permit preparation to resource agency inspections, CDR Maguire’s objectives are to enable our clients to receive federal, state, and local permits and avoid delays, claims, and penalties from non-compliance of simple and complicated environmental situations.


Environmental Impact Statements

Environmental Assessments

Categorical Exclusion Evaluations

Section 4(f) Evaluations

Farmland Assessment Reports/ALCAB Hearings

Critical Issues Analyses/Site Screening

Alternatives Analyses

Purpose and Needs Analyses

Purpose and Needs Analyses

Hazardous Waste Evaluations and Sampling

Asbestos Surveys and Sampling

Noise Impact Analyses

Permitting (105/404, GPs, NPDES, Coast Guard)

Erosion & Sedimentation Pollution Control Plans

Wetland Delineations

Watershed Studies

Aquatic Habitat Evaluations

Waste Fill/Borrow Design & Permitting

Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys

Aids To Navigation Plans


Construction Management/Inspections

Demolition Monitoring/Reporting

Agency Inspections/Permit Compliance

Environmental Monitoring During Construction

Pre- & Post-Construction Sampling Programs

Utility Coordination

Waste Management Plans

Site Sampling Plans

Soil and Water Sampling

Stormwater Best Management Practices



Remote-Sensing Mapping and Screening

GPS Field Surveys

MicroStation and CADD Integrated Software

In-Roads Design & Property Control Software

Renderings & Roadside Development Plans